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Who we are


I am a teacher, mother and musician who is passionate about helping children and families to connect through music in our community. I've worked as a primary teacher in specialist and generalist roles, as a professional musician/artist, survived being a mum of a child with autism and have lived the cancer journey. These experiences and more have changed my view on life, the way we approach education and how there is a real need for connection in our community.


In 2017 I was introduced to Lindy Tennant also a teacher, mother and musician who has worked tirelessly in region as an music educator and has created strong links with the community providing concerts showcasing talent and giving those involved a sense of achievement, respect, teamwork and belonging.  Lindy is a specialist in her field, teaching music at a secondary level for many years, later sharing her expertise and passion for music to primary aged children. We now work together so that children in the region have music education from Prep - Secondary school Our passion for music and commitment to making a difference for the better with the support of the Fairley Foundation has contributed to the success of the programs to date. 

Why we do this

This has lead us to create Music Moving Mountains with support of the Fairley Foundation/Heinze Music Program.  As well as engaging children through music in the classroom at schools throughout the Goulburn Valley,  we will be giving children the opportunity to learn an instrument and perform in concert bands in the region to help create a sense of belonging and foster and appreciation for the Arts in our community. Too many of our community are feeling alone and struggling to get the support they need for their family.  We will be blogging regularly about the what we are doing and keeping you informed about performances. Whether it be a few small words of kindness or relevant informative information, it all counts! To be part of this online community I only ask one thing.  Be kind. No judgements.


A little bit of kindness can go along way!

So please help us by spreading the word,  joining conversations online and coming along to future Music Moving Mountains concerts in the area.


'Music education in not knowing about music nor is it training in the mechanics of playing an instrument. It is knowing music through all ways of knowing. Developmental music education leads to music for life.' Doreen Bridges   


Music is part of our culture, it evokes emotion, compassion and brings us together.

What we do or can do for you

We teach children music.

We teach children music from foundation to Year 12 at local schools.

We teach children an instrument and have them perform in concert band in conjunction with

secondary school students to help with the transition of grade 6 students.

Bring people together through music.

Share music ideas/knowledge with other educators in our community.

Engage children in learning through play and the art of music.

Keep you informed on what is happening within our community.

Further build connection/interaction with your child through music.

Help you find the services you may require to assist in your child's development.

Connect you with other parents/friends in our community.

Offer words of kindness and support through social media and playgroups.

Provide a safe learning environment where everybody is treated equally and respectfully.

Provide positive and successful experiences that enhance the formation of a positive self concept.

Help individuals make social and family connections through a mutual shared interest.

Provide further opportunity for incidental learning in all areas of  a child's development such as literacy and numeracy skill development, as well as opportunities for shared turn taking, teamwork, decision making and problem solving.


Music allows children to express feelings or ideas that may otherwise be difficult sharing verbally and promotes self-expression and self- awareness.

Music is a creative medium that can offer a motivating and safe way to explore more flexibility and spontaneity.


Nicole Thorne


Music Moving Mountains

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Music is what feelings sound like.

Music is a more potent instrument than any other education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. Plato

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and life to everything. Plato

Lindy Tennant

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