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Nicole Thorne
Musician, educator, artist

Nicole has played organ since the age of 12 then later moved to the piano.  An accomplished jazz piano player, in late 2005 she decided to go back to her roots. After many challenges along the way, she released two successful albums in the space of a few years showcasing her original compositions and talent on the B3. Primarily performing original material with her own band B3Madness, Nicole's versatility and musicianship allows her to play all genres in any ensemble/band.

Nicole's passion for improvisation on the piano has been equally matched by enthusiastic audiences.

The Nicole Thorne Trio performing in concert and festivals has delighted audiences for years.  At the age of 21 she bought her first piano. Mentored by great Australian musicians with the combination of  her formative years on organ ,she has developed her own sound. Renowned for a beautiful and strong

melodic approach, captivating audiences with her unique interpretations of standards that everybody enjoys. 

Nicole has  Bachelor of Education in primary and has worked as a specialist in the Arts at many Victorian Schools teaching children music. 


Dear Melbourne Recital Centre

The Melbourne Recital Centre was an amazing and inspiring experience as none of my schoolmates had ever been there. The intricate patterns of modern architecture was beautiful as it was made from Tasmanian oak. I really enjoyed the visit.

Roysten Abel’s Manganiyar Classroom was a well-crafted piece of international music. It was like having India in Australia! Being a former citizen of the country, I found it very easy to understand the words. I loved it so much as I have not visited my home country for 3 years and this performance made me feel like I was back home. Being so far away from such a wondrous city. It was truly an honour to hear a great example of the various cultures of India.


As I explored my surroundings, I thought, WOW! This is one of the best buildings that I have ever been to! The atmosphere was quiet and peaceful. There was a lot of space and everything was in order. The acoustics of the theatre itself were loud and clear, bringing the recital to life. Most of all, the staff were friendly and did not disappoint in the slightest.

Overall, the Melbourne Recital Centre and Roysten Abel have brought not only me, but also the whole of 5/6 an unforgettable experience like no other.

Yours sincerely


Gr 6 Tatura Primary School

Dear Melbourne Recital Centre

The Melbourne Recital Centre is a privilege to visit as it is amazing in itself, just to look around inside. It is an incredible venue with features far beyond description.


The unique Tasmanian Oak and the highly superior plush chairs are breathtaking additions that bring out all of the Centre’s inner beauty. To sit and wait was an honour.


The Manganiyar Classroom was a truly spectacular performance. Even though I could not understand the songs, the expressions and emotion meant that this did not matter. The setting of the classroom was complete to perfection. One of the things I found so astonishing was the fact that some of the boys were as young as only 8 years old. The sound was something that you could listen to for days and not get tired of it. I did not even have to try to listen; I got absorbed in it straight away.


Because we live so far away from the city, we do not have many opportunities like this, but thanks to the Recital Centre’s generosity and the Fairley Foundation for bussing us down, we got this visit as a free excursion for our school.

We all agreed that we would really like to return to the Recital Centre if the opportunity came up. It was a great experience for us.


Many thanks


Gr 6 Tatura Primary School 

A visit to the NVG and Melbourne Recital Centre

On the way to Melbourne!

Grade 5/6 had a wonderful day visiting the National Gallery and the Melbourne Recital Centre. Thankyou to the Melbourne Recital Centre and the Fairley Foundation for providing us this wonderful experience.

Looking glam! Relaxing, doing some painting after music.

Dhurringile P.S Centenary March 17 & 18th

Amazing Aikya does us proud!


Music Moving Mountains

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