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Have you ever noticed how many great services, charities, volunteers, foundations, businesses are contributing to the Greater Shepparton Community?

We have so many wonderful people in the Shepparton community making a difference. The more I look and ask, the more amazed and inspired I become.  Why and how is it that we are all contributing, but we don't know about one another?  Why not join together instead of working alone for the same cause? Surely this would make things better for our community?

Have you ever been referred to a service to find that you need another and another and another?  So many questions?   Frustrating, costly, wasteful.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I can do my part by starting right here, right now, adding/chatting about the great things we do have happening in the our community, creating links for all to see.

If you are or know of a great service/link, person making a difference to our community, please let me know so that I can share this for everyone to see.

I believe by standing together, greater and positive change can be made.

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